Sometimes what may be most helpful is for a child psychotherapist to offer one or more consultations with parents or carers, or with other agencies involved with a child, such as the school, the fostering/adoption agency and any other health professionals.


Consultations can be a good opportunity for those involved to think together about the child or young person’s difficulties and whether therapeutic work would be helpful. At times, a number of consultations may be the only intervention required, as parents may feel sufficiently helped having met with a psychotherapist to discuss a specific issue that is currently affecting their family life.


Consultations can also be particularly effective in cases where a child has been fostered or adopted. In these cases, it can be helpful for the psychotherapist to offer some consultations both to the adoptive parents and to the professional network around the child. This can facilitate the adoption process and/or the process of a child settling into a new environment.


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